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The origin of Lohan Qigong

Legend has it that an Indian monk known as Boddhidharma (Ta Mo) arrived at the Shaolin Temple and sat in silent meditation in a cave for nine years, facing the wall in search of enlightenment.

During these long years of meditation, he discovered that lack of movement, plus the bitter cold and wind from his mountain retreat give rise to fatigue, body aches and pain. His disciples suffered the same fate and often dozed off to sleep during meditation.

To combat these hazards, as well as teaching the monks to be fit and strong to defend themselves against bandits and wild beasts in the area, Ta Mo created a set of exercises based on traditional Yoga, Indian dance forms, existing fighting arts of the time, Chinese health and longevity exercises and his own observation of the natural movements of wild animals. These exercises are known as the 18 Lohan Hands.

During the Yuan Dynasty (1264-1368), the form was enlarged to a total of 72 movements. Later, the system was expanded to 173 movements, forming the basis of Shaolin Kung Fu.

The system has proved to be a major evolutionary influence in all branches of Oriental martial arts.

Initially, Lohan Qigong was practised and kept within the confines of the Shaolin Temple until its sacking and destruction by fire nearly 200 years ago. Monk Choy Fook, one of the surviving monks, fled South to Kwangtung province. There he was sought out by Chan Heung, whom Choy Fook accepted as his disciple. Chan Heung learned the entire system of Lohan Qigong, Shaolin Kung Fu, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine from Choy Fook. After spending nearly 10 years perfecting his skill, Chan Heung was sent down the mountain to establish his own clinic to treat people and teach Kung Fu and Qigong.

He named his school Choy Lee Fut to honour his Master Choy Fook, his teacher Lee Yau San from his younger days and Fut
in Chinese means Buddha as all his knowledge and teachers can trace their origin to Shaolin Temple.

Grand Master Chen Yong Fa, 5th generation direct descendent of Chan Heung was born after the Communist Cultural revolution, because of nutritional problems he was born weak and sickly. His grandfather worried about his chance of survival and started to teach him Lohan Qigong when he was only four years old. His health improved and he became stronger, he has never suffered any major illness since.

Grand Master Chen did not forget the benefit of Lohan Qigong when he migrated to Australia in 1983 and decided to open up it's teaching to the outside world. The Lohan Qigong system was almost lost as it was handed down within the family from father to son and not taught to the general public.

It is historic that the secret is now available to the world thanks to his generosity and wishes to share this life-saving health treasures with as many people as possible.