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Master John is an International Master of Shaolin Lohan Therapeutic Qigong and one of the Inner Chamber Disciples of Grand Master Chen Yong Fa, 5th generation direct descendent of the Founder of Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu and Shaolin Lohan Therapeutic Qigong system.

Master John was Chief Instructor for 17 years in charge of Lohan Qigong department in Choy Lee Fut International Head Office school in Sydney China town, Australia. He has recently open a branch school in Marsfield area to cater for practitioners that find it hard to cross the bridge into the city. He has been practising and teaching Taiji and Lohan Qigong since 1993 after suffering from liver trouble and stroke.

As a disciple of the lineage holder, Grand Master Chen Yong Fa, Master John is entrusted with the responsibility to ensure that the Lohan Qigong system is taught accurately, represent and preserved the tradition that was handed down by the Founder over 200 years ago.

Recently, Grand Master Chen Yong Fa has bestowed the title of Professor to five of his disciples in the Chen Family CLF Association to honour their hard work and contribution. Four in Kung Fu, and one in Qigong. Master John is the Professor of Shaolin Therapeutic Lohan Qigong.

Through his personal experience, he travels around the world giving seminars and trains Instructors to help spread this life saving system.